brian karem

Brian Karem is a veteran reporter and regular contributor to CNN, as well covering the White House for Playboy and The Montgomery Sentinel.

December 2nd, 2017

brian karem

The White House Xmas Party? I Won’t Be Attending.

The annual White House Christmas party for reporters is always worthy of a few jokes. During the course of the year a popular joke among the press corps is “Man you pissed them off. You won’t get an invitation to the Christmas party.” Apparently April Ryan, the African American reporter from American Urban Radio Networks, …

October 18th, 2017

brian karem

“Fake News;” The New Normal, The New Danger

For theater of the absurd, you could not beat the scene at the White House Monday afternoon. On the back steps of the Oval Office leading to the Rose Garden President Donald Trump trotted out Senator Mitch McConnell as the two renewed their vows for the media. The President, who had only one full news …

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