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January 20th, 2019


The American Disease

The group of white, Catholic boys who mocked the Native Americans outside the Lincoln Memorial this week, might be expelled. When you watch the video, that seems appropriate, to say the least. The Catholic Diocese in Kentucky says there will be action taken against the group, wearing MAGA hats and in DC to protest the anniversary of Roe v Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that gave women autonomy over their bodies.

The Native Americans were in DC to celebrate Indigenous Peoples March, coincidentally the same weekend as the “Right To Life” protests, for the most part organized by religious groups such as the Catholic Churches of America. The irony, however, is too thick to just brush away.

The Catholic Church, which for decades has shuffled sexual predators around from parish to parish, professes to care about the unborn, that is until they are born and then sodomized or raped by priests and bishops. The church, ignoring the most obvious fix to this obscenity still refuses to allow women to become priests or normal married men to become clergy. And then they pass this sick misogyny on to their flock.

So when this group of boys attack this indigenous American, a 64-year old Vietnam veteran no less, should we be surprised? The Catholic Church is broken, and their leaders corrupt. We can punish these young men, but the sick system that produced them churns on.

December 24th, 2018

The Hill

We Can Indict A Sitting President

The prevailing chorus of  “We’ve never indicted a sitting president,” continues as it becomes obvious to even dim-witted Republicans that Trump’s fall is not only an inevitability, but a constitutional necessity. After the new House is sworn in, the magic number is 10. That would be the number of GOP Senators who would need to vote for conviction for the Congress to remove Trump, and make Pence president. But short of a national crisis greater than the current nightmare, that’s not likely to happen.
But it’s becoming increasingly likely this President has committed multiple felonies, and whether that bothers his base of racists or Ann Coulter(ish) opportunists, a nasty cocktail of hate, the law demands that we indict Trump for crimes against our nation.
Which brings me back to the cry, “We can’t indict a sitting president.”
For the record, we indicted Aaron Burr the vice-president and all he did was shoot someone. There is nothing in the Federal code that prohibits the Attorney General from asking a Grand Jury to indict Trump, and remove him from office while awaiting trial. Nothing but the partisan Republican hacks who endanger our nation with their self-serving suck at the teet of Trump’s dark popularity.

December 6th, 2018


Raise Hell, While You Can

One hundred and fifty years ago, Wilbur Storey, the legendary publisher of the Chicago Tribune declared, “a newspapers job is to print news and raise hell.” And not much has changed.

The free and open exchange of ideas in a society defines that society. The murder of opposing voices by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the recent killing of Jamal Khashoggi, orchestrated by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, should frighten everyone who believes in a free press and holding governments accountable. Our President’s inability to acknowledge Saudi Arabia’s participation, despite our own intelligence community’s evidence to the contrary, is a chilling reminder of the fragile nature of liberty and justice. This President has even called for a state-run media (NY Daily News, 11/26), a throwback to the Soviet Union’s “Pravda,” where dissident voices were jailed and/or disappeared.

The good news is that GOP Senators Bob Corker of Tennessee and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, both Trump supporters, are leading the charge to rebuke Mohammed bin Salman, as well as limit US involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

Talk radio isn’t journalism. We are however, a platform for ideas; both dissenting and supporting approaches to keeping this great nation a place where thoughts can grow and prosper. And occasionally raise hell too.

November 20th, 2018


Maybe He Did, Maybe He Didn’t, Maybe He’s An Idiot

Trump says US won’t punish Saudi crown prince over Khashoggi murder.

“Maybe he did it, maybe he didn’t,” the president says.

CIA says “we have a tape of him doing it. We’re sure he did it.
Turkey is sure. Everyone is sure. But Trump’s business dealings with the Saudi’s are more important than getting justice for an American journalist dismembered, leaving three children, all of whom are US citizens, fatherless.

Trump just told our system of Justice to go fuck itself.

And what about the GOP; that pack of spineless pricks who support a man who cares about nothing but himself?


October 23rd, 2018

The Confederate Flag? You Lost Already

One one level, the long-lasting Trump affect is pure racism. Trump defended the tiki-torch carrying white supremacists in Charlottesville, the same ones who killed a young 32-year old woman, and in doing so empowered racists across America to fly the confederate flag. Even as far north as Minnesota, confused white people believe that the flag represents American values.

Let’s cut right to the chase. White people who fly these flags are cowards, and even more to their ridiculous point, failures. They simply can’t compete because they’re short-sighted, lazy, and unimaginative. People of color built this nation, and you can fly all the flags you want, but they’re coming. And they work harder than you, have stronger family values, and are at their core they kind of people America deserves.

So enjoy your last hurrah, you ignorant hillbillies. Wrap yourself up in any flag you choose, but it won’t work. Why? Because Americans will reject your racist chants and choose instead to embrace the vision from which this country was conceived.

You are the past, and your colors are fading.

October 3rd, 2018


Morning Joe Has A Hole In His Cup

Morning Joe says that the MM isn’t fair to those questioning Ford. Really? Go ahead and ask. What part of her story has holes?

1-She told the story over the years to friends and shrinks.

2-She didn’t report to police like hundreds of thousands of other victims of sexual assault.

3-She was a 15 yr old girl, you dumbass

4-The four “witnesses” that wouldn’t corroborate included the assailants, Mark Judge and Kavanaugh, and two others downstairs at a summer afternoon party 36 years ago. There was loud music. How would they know what happened upstairs?

5-The one girl who was downstairs believes Ford.

6-Ford doesn’t remember the date and location of the party.
• I can’t tell you the date when my father died, but he’s still fucking dead. Ford explained the science of the brain to the redneck republicans who don’t believe in evolution or climate-change, so that’s not gonna work. The voluminous literature surrounding our memories of traumatic events however show we remember the event, but not always the details surrounding them.

7-The calendar’s significance relies on the idea that summer parties as teens were only on weekends. This wasn’t a “party” as much as a get-together of friends and they occurred all the time, even after a weight lifting workout with PJ.

8-FORD has NO contradictions in her testimony. NONE. Kavanaugh has dozens of lies.

So Morning Joe? SFTU. We in the Mainstream Media are principled and not sucking up to purple viewers in a desperate attempt to hold onto a pathetic exercise in self-aggrandizing.

September 22nd, 2018


Socialism? Embrace That Shit!

Cruz calls Beto a “socialist?”
America is already socialist.
Embrace that shit.

•Social Security (Has the word “social” in it)
These three make up 40% of our $2,000,000,000 budget

But wait, there’s more.

We all pay for roads, water, electric that we never use,
in swamps like Louisiana, Georgia, Texas or some other place where they believe in the “rapture” or don’t believe in evolution.

Religious tax breaks? Stupid socialist theocracy.

The military is almost a trillion dollar social program
And Trump called for a $2 billion subsidy for farmers.
“Subsidy” is socialism.

and then there are all of the tax breaks for corporations, that’s exactly the definition of socialism.

The only thing that isn’t socialism is the way we deny Americans access to health care, clean air, clean water, and affordable housing.

That’s no “ism;” that’s just being a dick, like Ted Cruz, Trump, and the rest of these hypocrites assholes.

Now study this. There’s a big test on Nov 6th

August 25th, 2018

chicago tribune

Immigration Problem? No, We Have A Bigot Problem

We don’t have an immigration problem.

CATO study found native Texans commit 15% more crime than undocs.
We have negative immigration with Mexico.
40% of Mexico imports to US have US parts
1/3 of total US trade is w/ Mexico, Canada, and Brazil.
Back before we militarized our border, cyclical immigration allowed Mexicans to stay during harvest, and go home afterwards. But during 80’s, fueled by xenophobia, we closed border and that forced undocs to stay and start families here. Thus, of the 11 million undocs here, as many as 3-4 million would have gone home.

It’s about racism. Simple.

August 5th, 2018


LeBron Vs Trump? No Contest

“LeBron James builds schools, Donald Trump builds cages.”
That’s paraphrasing CNN’s Don Lemon after Trump’s insane tweet.

Going after football players is one thing, but Lebron is the great American story. After a heralded youth, he marries his high-school sweetheart, and thru tireless effort becomes the best of the best, enjoying the accolades of his peers and wild financial success.

But instead of making it rain, he becomes a philanthropic machine, engaging his community and the world with a clear, mature vision of justice and hope.

Trump? He rips off people and gets peed on by hookers.

Whose side are you on?

July 31st, 2018


Guns Don’t Kill People. I’m Kidding. Of Course They F*ckin Do!

If a person is careless with their gun and it’s stolen, should they be held responsible? Of course, except half the time, it’s law enforcement who screwed the pooch, lost their gun, and it ended up in the hands of someone who used it to hurt another. . Remember Kate Steinle? Killed by a law enforcement gun that misfired in the hands of an undocumented man. 


All we heard was “Illegal!” We should have been yelling, “Responsibility.” Isn’t that what the GOP is always bitching about?

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