Bullshit Alerts

December 16th, 2017

Huffington Post

Trump Banning Words In Science

Banning valid terminology from government reports is both ignorant and dangerous,” Arthur Caplan, professor of bioethics at New York University’s School of Medicine, told HuffPost in an email. “Not since Lysenko and Stalin has government made hate, malice and duplicity official policy. The Trump administration with its seven-dirty-words policy has now elevated lying to a national standard.

“We cannot replace truth with bias – the nation cannot survive a steady diet of bullshit.”

December 12th, 2017

business insider

Roy Moore: What He Wants In His Foxhole

Roy Moore is not afraid to drag out old cliches. He recently said “I know we do not need transgender in our military. If I’m in a foxhole, I don’t want to know whether this guy next to me is wondering if he’s a woman or a man.”

Well, it’s a cliche. And it’s old. But seeing Roy Moore with anything older than 14 years is a good start. But the fox hole metaphor has been used to discriminate against blacks, Jews, and women. And vets like Moore know the truth. If you’re really in a firefight, and you’re worrying about another man’s package, the problem’s with you.

December 11th, 2017

daily beast

Perfect Timing – GOP Tax Bill Cuts Deduction for Wildfire Losses

As wildfires rage throughout California, back in Washington Republican lawmakers have eliminated the deduction for property losses due to wildfires or other natural disasters. I know California didn’t vote for Trump, and is overwhelmingly Democratic, but seriously? This feels personal.

As the Thomas Fire, the fifth largest fire in American history, continues to rage this morning, threatening Santa Barbara, and as images of hundreds of lost homes, dead horses, and tens of thousands of displaced Californians fill the news feeds, the timing could not have been worse. Sure am glad the Republicans in Washington are taking away a nominal tax break for regular people suffering the worst days of their lives so that the richest corporations and individuals can have more money they don’t need.

December 8th, 2017

the hill

Diversity is Our Greatest Strength Against Republicans

A Republican congressman says “diversity” is not a strength. He says it’s “common sense.” Well, what do you expect from a white, middle aged man from the mid-west? Actually, all of evolutionary science says the opposite. The only thing to survive a nuclear war will be cockroaches (and possibly my my student debt,) and that’s because we are not evolving anymore, but systematically de-evolving. Instead of welcoming the world’s greatest minds, we enact travel bans. We are stagnant. And that is dangerous.

Adaptation is not a compromise, as politicians might have you think. No, adaptation makes us stronger and more likely to survive. This congressman’s fear and ignorance is doing his constituents and himself a disservice. Were it not for diversity, we could not have built this nation.

From Native-Americans to African-Americans, to the Spanish and the French, from the Chinese to Mexicans, we are the classic pot luck. Our whiteness is a sign of our failure to adapt, to become one nation. But that whiteness is slowly fading. So I say to the Congressman; Get on board. America will forgive you.

December 4th, 2017


Hey Billy! Maybe He Was Referring To You!

Good for you Billy, although anyone with your last name should be able to spot that a mile away.

Trump insults us with an insinuation that the voice on the now infamous “grab pussy” tape may not be his. But Billy Bush came to our rescue by reassuring the 1/2 of 1% of America that believes it may not be. I am really at an impasse. Is Trump that stupid, are we that stupid, or did I hit my head on a rock sometime last year and this is all a horrible dream?

Billy Bush? GTFOH. We didn’t really care about you before, but after we saw what a Beta-bottom male you are, a man of such little integrity that you would stoop to that low, we never want to see your GOP-lite ass again.

Is that too harsh?

December 2nd, 2017

raw story

A New Variation On A Familar Refrain

Arriving in New York for a fundraiser for his 2020 campaign, Trump was welcomed by a variation on his chant. “Lock Him Up, Lock Him Up” filled the air as Trump’s limo pulled up, but once inside he boasted how popular he has become. “New numbers just came out. I’m unbeatable!” Trump boasted. But there are no new numbers, unless he was referring to the new Gallup poll that has his disapproval rating in the 60%’s.

When pushed, Trump still rails against Clinton, the former candidate now private citizen. He would be better off focusing on Mueller, Warner, Schiff and those testifying behind closed doors. Trump’s still running against Hillary, while the rest of the nation is focusing on his possible removal from office. Note To Trump: You’re not unbeatable, and when Mueller’s done, the “lock her up” chants won’t be enough to convince a grand jury. The whole thing may be as simple as changing “her” to “him.”

December 1st, 2017


Walmart Pulls Fascist T-Shirts? What Will I Get Trump For Christmas?

Maybe you remember the despicable t-shirt often seen at Trump rallies. “Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some Assembly Required.” And maybe you were wondering what to get for your Fox News watching uncle. Well Walmart sells them. They did anyway. Until now. Walmart has pulled the hideously fascist garb from its otherwise top-notch sartorial offerings. I guess men are going to have to go back to wearing camo cargo shorts and Bud Light shirts or whatever the hell else they sell there.

November 29th, 2017


Kim Won’t Fire First, Unless He’s Cornered.

There is a crazy man who has nukes and is a threat to the United States. But it ain’t Kim Jung Un.

Instead of working back-door channels to try and ease world tensions, Trump and Mattis are escalating the situation with muscle flexing rhetoric. But the question is, why? Why would Kim launch unless he felt threatened by an unstable Trump, surrounded not by seasoned diplomats, but by men whose expertise is war.

It’s time for the grown-ups to stand-up. Now!

November 27th, 2017

Business Insider

Trump Slams All Media That Isn’t Fox – Fox Agrees

President Trump cast a wide net by describing all news media outlets as “fake.” Except Fox. Then Fox News re-posts a New York Post editorial by Trump acolyte Kyle Smith entitled “Unhinged Coverage of Trump is Hurting Media.” I guess Kyle’s been reading Inside The Beltway. Thanks Kyle! One man’s unhinged is another man’s eternal vigilance. Fox News is playing a dangerous game, putting all its eggs in the Donald Trump basket. Sure, it’s heady stuff having a direct line into the brain of the President of the United States and getting to shape his child-like grasp of the issues. But what happens when it all falls down?

November 26th, 2017


Trump Say He Turned Down “Person Of The Year”

Time doesn’t ask people if they want to appear on their cover any more than a flu virus asks permission to infect you. If Time chooses Trump, it will be an ironic selection, one honoring the tremendous failures that beset this democratic train-wreck. But Trump’s grandiose lie however, is but one of those frightening tidbits that offer a glimpse into a sociopath who has access to the nuclear codes.

For the record, the image above is fake; Trump has never appeared on the cover of Time. This hangs in many of Trump’s clubs. He had it commissioned by a graphic design team to offer praise to himself. At first people snickered, but now the stakes have turned laughter into real concern. To quote Rex Tillerson, “Trump is a fucking moron.” Put that on the cover, and I might buy one.

Inside the Beltway