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May 25th, 2020

Old News

Long before the 100,000 dead, the Hydroxy, the impeachment, the Russian debacle, the 30 indictments, the merry-go-round of cabinet and White House departures, the 15K lies, the racist, sexist taunts, the Billy Bush tape, the fraudulent election, there was a very compromised man named Donald Trump. He was hiding in plain sight.

When he was a small child, his father, an unscrupulous NY real estate slumlord, was evading taxes by paying 4 yr-old Donald J Trump hundreds of thousands each year, and it wasn’t long before 26 yr-old Trump and his father were fined hundreds of thousands of dollars by the Dept. of Justice for discriminatory housing practices against African-Americans. When a black person filled out a rental application, the letter “C” for colored was handwritten on it and that meant they would not be given a chance to move into one of the Trump properties.

Long before the Apprentice, Trump’s new mentor became Ray Cohen of Joseph McCarthy fame, and it was there that Trump refined both his xenophobic and racist behavior. Throughout the 90’s, Trump had many financial arrangements with Russian Oligarchs like Dmitry Rybolovlev, who purchased a Trump property valued at $41 million for $95 million in the middle of the financial meltdown. The Russian then tore down the home. Since we have been denied access to Trump’s financial dealings, we don’t know if this was laundering or just a lucky deal.

But it wasn’t the only deal.

When no one would lend Trump money anymore, Trump borrowed billions from Deutsche Bank, who later was fined by Justice hundreds of millions for money laundering. And Trump’s former accountant says the developer forged his signature on a fraudulent tax return to get more money from the bank. Trump still owes Deutsche hundreds of millions.

We should have seen this coming. There was a storm on the horizon, and we sailed foolishly and recklessly right into it. Now, we are rudderless and at the mercy of forces beyond our control. We need a little luck.

Trump isn’t fake news, he’s old news.

May 4th, 2020

The Cover Up Open Up

The good news is, we know more about COVID-19 in the first six months than we did in the 3rd year of AIDS.

The bad news is, we don’t like what we’re learning.

This novel coronavirus has infected at least one million Americans, but epidemiologists predict that because much of this disease is asymptomatic, the number is probably more like 10 million. And that’s more good and bad news. It means that the mortality rate is probably around .5%, much lower than previously thought. But because it’s so contagious, and because we are fumbling the response, it could now infect 100 to 200 million Americans. That’s around 500,000 to a million dead.

But that’s not what Trump is saying. He’s encouraging people to get back to normal. Instead of our economy adjusting to the new “normal’ and trying to get people back to working in a safe and cautious way, he’s talking about restaurants, movie theaters, beaches, political rallies and stadiums. That’s not safe or realistic.

Fighting a virus requires four steps; sheltering, physical distancing, hopefully a vaccine, and herd immunity. But without adhering to the first two, you might now survive to see the latter. COVID-19 is attacking infants hearts, causing strokes in millennials, sometimes seriously injuring healthy people of middle age, and of course killing seniors. It’s attacking the lungs, the heart, kidneys and livers.

Opening up is inevitable, but not without the truth. And the truth is this; we’re not ready.

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