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February 25th, 2020

Trump & Women (cont)

In Trump’s world, there’s nothing worse than a woman with an opinion. To that point, Trump has called on Justices Ginsberg and Sotomayor to recuse themselves from any case that might involve the recently impeached President.

“Justice Ginsburg should [recuse herself] because she went wild during the campaign when I was running. Perhaps she was for Hillary Clinton,” Trump said.
For the record, Sotomayor’s dissents do not single out Trump or his administration, but instead refers to her concerns about the government’s insistence for stays. “The government’s request to halt the lower court’s block on the policy upends “the normal appellate process, putting a thumb on the scale in favor of the party that won a stay.”

And Ginsberg? Trump could not cite a single example of her bias, but instead in a tweet Monday, merely quoted Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s opinion.

If you were looking for bias, one might look at Justice Thomas’s wife, Virginia. She met with Trump administration officials on numerous cases to discuss appointments and she also advises Trump on which “disloyal” aides to fire. And Justice Thomas does not recuse himself from cases involving issues his wife supports.

One final thing, the new book “Dark Towers,” sheds light on how Trump family carried out a coordinated effort to persuade Anthony Kennedy, a swing vote on the Supreme Court, to retire and clear the way for Brett Kavanaugh.

February 24th, 2020

Social Insecurity

Bernie Sanders needs to start throwing cold water on the term “socialism” and start calling it what it is; “Americanism.” Let me explain.

Every economic system starts with capitalism, that is the accumulation of “wealth” thru one’s efforts. Governments control access to that wealth in a manner which defines them; Fascism, Communism and Socialism are a few examples. Here in the United States, we are, as Sanders says, Democratic Socialists. If that befuddles you, just look around. Every means of acquiring wealth requires the invaluable assistance of taxes and government services.

From the tax-payer paid infrastructure by which your product is made and delivered, to the DARPA technology that fostered it’s creation, we are a “socialist” economy. When government officials lose their way and enact laws which interfere with our economic progress, the “Democratic” arm removes them.

We are not a democracy. A democracy is mob rule. We are a Democratic Republic, where we elect leaders to judge for our overall best interests. They have chosen to fund the military infrastructure, law enforcement, schools, medical research, NASA, guaranteed public education, fire department, Medicare/Medicaid, Colleges, the VA, and oh yeah, Social Security.

I don’t know if Sanders can win, but he should lead with his strengths; without Democratic Socialism, there is no America.

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