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March 6th, 2019

Raise Hell, While You Can

One hundred and fifty years ago, Wilbur Storey, the legendary publisher of the Chicago Tribune declared, “a newspapers job is to print news and raise hell.” And not much has changed. The free and open exchange of ideas in a society defines that society. The murder of opposing voices by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and …


March 5th, 2019

Maybe He Did, Maybe He Didn’t, Maybe He’s An Idiot

Trump says US won’t punish Saudi crown prince over Khashoggi murder. “Maybe he did it, maybe he didn’t,” the president says. CIA says “we have a tape of him doing it. We’re sure he did it. Turkey is sure. Everyone is sure. But Trump’s business dealings with the Saudi’s are more important than getting justice …


March 4th, 2019

We Can Indict A Sitting President

The prevailing chorus of  “We’ve never indicted a sitting president,” continues as it becomes obvious to even dim-witted Republicans that Trump’s fall is not only an inevitability, but a constitutional necessity. After the new House is sworn in, the magic number is 10. That would be the number of GOP Senators who would need to …


March 3rd, 2019

Morning Joe Has A Hole In His Cup

Morning Joe says that the MM isn’t fair to those questioning Ford. Really? Go ahead and ask. What part of her story has holes? 1-She told the story over the years to friends and shrinks. 2-She didn’t report to police like hundreds of thousands of other victims of sexual assault. 3-She was a 15 yr …


January 20th, 2019

The American Disease

The group of white, Catholic boys who mocked the Native Americans outside the Lincoln Memorial this week, might be expelled. When you watch the video, that seems appropriate, to say the least. The Catholic Diocese in Kentucky says there will be action taken against the group, wearing MAGA hats and in DC to protest the …


October 28th, 2018

Never Again. Again.

Growing up, I didn’t know many Jewish kids. I was a white, blond-haired, blue-eyed, privileged white male. That said however, I was raised by a single mom and four older sisters whose honor and integrity shaped not only the way I thought, but my actions as well. Raised Catholic in the sixties, the only thing …


October 23rd, 2018

Trump’s Economy Isn’t Your Economy

Trump brags about the economy, but why? The stock market has boomed but over 80 percent of the stock market is owned by the richest 10 percent of Americans so most Americans don’t feel a boom, but more of a prod on their backside. Tariffs? Trump’s steel tariffs have cost Ford $1 billion, forcing Ford …


October 9th, 2018

WTF is happening in Jim Jordan’s district?

 Reader poll rebukes arch-right congressman in deep-red corner of district Norwalk, Ohio – Freedom Caucus founder and Speaker of the House candidate Congressman Jim Jordan is favored by just twenty percent of voters in a Norwalk Reflector reader poll of congressional choices for the November 6 election. The poll, from October 1-8, shows Democrat Janet Garrett …


September 30th, 2018

Anger, inc

“The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling.” -Lucretius So I’m at the gym, and there’s big TV in the locker room. Mitch McConnell is bloviating about how Kavanaugh will be the best Justice of all-time, bla bla bla..and I’m seething inside but outwardly simply shaking …


September 22nd, 2018

Socialism? Embrace That Shit!

Cruz calls Beto a “socialist?” America is already socialist. Embrace that shit. •Medicare •Medicaid •Social Security (Has the word “social” in it) These three make up 40% of our $2,000,000,000 budget But wait, there’s more. We all pay for roads, water, electric that we never use, in swamps like Louisiana, Georgia, Texas or some other …


August 25th, 2018

Here Comes The Judge, There Goes Our Freedom

Kavanaugh is a nightmare. According to Gallup, Kavanaugh has the slimmest margin in favor of confirmation than for any nominee since Robert Bork’s nomination. Environmental protections? As a D.C. circuit court judge, Kavanaugh has repeatedly ruled against climate change advocates, as well against protections for clean water. Affirmative action? Kavanaugh actually worked with Bork in …


August 25th, 2018

Immigration Problem? No, We Have A Bigot Problem

We don’t have an immigration problem. CATO study found native Texans commit 15% more crime than undocs. We have negative immigration with Mexico. 40% of Mexico imports to US have US parts 1/3 of total US trade is w/ Mexico, Canada, and Brazil. Back before we militarized our border, cyclical immigration allowed Mexicans to stay …


August 11th, 2018

We Are Under Attack

When this president speaks to the racial divide he helped create, he does so in a way that both fascinates and nauseates.   On the anniversary of the 2017 riot in Charlottesville that killed a young 32 yr old woman, Trump is still equivocating when it comes to the white, alt-rite monsters who look to …


August 10th, 2018

Why Not Bait Our Youth With Hope?

I heard a conservative talk radio host lamenting the opposition to Chicago police filling a car with Nike sneakers in a low income area as bait for young black men. Some stole sneakers, some didn’t, but community activists cried foul. All the while white conservatives said, “if you don’t want to be arrested, don’t steal …


August 5th, 2018

LeBron Vs Trump? No Contest

“LeBron James builds schools, Donald Trump builds cages.” That’s paraphrasing CNN’s Don Lemon after Trump’s insane tweet. Going after football players is one thing, but Lebron is the great American story. After a heralded youth, he marries his high-school sweetheart, and thru tireless effort becomes the best of the best, enjoying the accolades of his …


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