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September 24th, 2020

The Trump Voter 2020

In 2016, if you voted for Trump, you might have simply been ignorant. Maybe you thought he would change, that he’s good for the economy.
And he did change.
•Trump never admitted that Russia interfered with our election, despite our own intelligence agencies, and even Trump’s own Sec of Defense all saying it happened. He has NEVER said it out loud. WHY?
•Trump still owes Deutche Bank $100 million,
•Deutche was fined $100 million for Russian money laundering,
•Trump sued Deutche to keep his records from prosecutors,
• NY State investigating Trump for Tax Fraud
• Trump’s former acct says he never signed Tax Return
• Trump violates law, still won’t reveal Tax returns.
• Trump sold entire 45th floor of Trump Tower to Saudis, now defends MBS after intelligence reveals MBS dismembered US Journalist
• Kushner made $billion arms deal w Saudis w/out security clearance.
• DNI denies Kushner clearance, Trump gives it to him anyway
• Trump continues to make millions off presidency. At Mar-A Lago alone, he’s made over $100 mil charging Secret Service for rooms.
• Ivanka uses personal email and makes millions trading with China
• Trump put children in cages, separated them from their parents, • Trump was finds $25 million for the fraudulent Trump Univ.,
• Trump was forever prohibited from owning a charity after stealing from it
• Trump called a black man non-violently protesting the killings of unarmed black men a “son-of-a-bitch.”
• Trump has private conversations with Putin, then destroys interpreters transcripts.
• Trump withheld military support for Ukraine unless they investigated Biden
• Trump has lied to American people more than 20,000x
• Trump told Woodward he downplayed the virus despite knowing it’s potential danger to the world.
• Trump wanted churches full at Easter, despite knowing it could kill more people.
• Trump told Covid task force members that Covid was good because now he didn’t have to shake hands with “disgusting people.”
• There are over 200,000 Americans dead, with another 100,000 expected by January.
• Called your dead children overseas “suckers and losers?”
Oh and the economy?
Trump has never had 3% GDP growth. Clinton had three straight years over 4% growth in 1997, 98, 99.
And Obama, the black guy? He created 1.5 mil MORE jobs in those last three years than Trump did in his first three.
So now, if you vote for Trump, there’s no guessing anymore.
You’re a racist, traitorous, ass-kissing creep.

September 22nd, 2020

Taking It To The Streets

When the government fails you, and the courts fail you and Republicans mock you, what else is left?

You take it to the streets.

African-Americans are three times more likely to be shot by a cop than whites. That’s the genesis of Black Lives Matters. But Republicans, bathing in their whiteness still speak of the movement as if their agenda is one of terror.

So let’s try on some facts.

Despite Trump’s racist narrative, nearly all Black Lives Matter protests are peaceful. According to a new report on political violence in the US, the vast majority of the thousands of Black Lives Matter protests this year have been peaceful, with more than 93% involving no serious harm to people or damage to property.

Yet cops keep gassing, intimidating and shooting unarmed protesters who are protesting getting gassed, intimated and shot.

Trump called Colin Kaepernick a son-of-a-bitch, all for taking a knee in protest of the deaths of young black men by police officers. He’s been called the Rosa Parks of the new civil rights movement. But unlike those times, racism and hate are openly supported by the Republican party and Trump in particular.

So maybe now, more than ever, we all belong in the streets.

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