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An old saw goes, “the power of the press belongs to the person who owns the press.” The internet confirmed that. Inside The Beltway is a collaboration of journalists, broadcasters, and assorted professionals, who have banded together to create a levee against the rising tide of lies and distortions that threaten our democracy and our sanity. That may sound dramatic, but how else do you characterize the willingness of the American public to believe in the most absurd narratives? For us, it’s an obligation to the truth. And if that sounds a little sanctimonious, that’s on you.

Chip Franklin


Franklin is a 25-year veteran of talk radio, beginning his career in Washington, D.C., during Clinton’s first term. He currently hosts the afternoon show at KGO radio, in San Francisco. In addition, Chip is an award-winning filmmaker, comedian, and scribe, garnering seven Edward R Murrow awards, including the National Murrow award for writing. He’s also won The New York Festival honors for his unconventional coverage of The Democratic and Republican conventions, as well as more than 30 AP awards for broadcasting, and numerous appearances on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and CNN. He has appeared as a speaker, comedian, and media consultant at over 500 colleges and universities and more than a hundred 100 Fortune 1000 companies. Marc Fisher, senior editor at the Washington Post says, “Chip adds irony to a medium that rarely trusts it’s audience to get the joke.”

Nozmo King

IT Director, Assistant Editor

Nozmo is the IT director for InsideTheBeltway, as well as an assistant editor and general Aide De Camp. Mr. King has created hundreds of media campaigns for everyone from Hollywood to Homeland Security.

Peter Bolland

Executive Editor

Peter Bolland writes commentaries, curates content, and does whatever it takes to make Inside The Beltway stronger and better. He’s also the philosophy and humanities department chair at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, California where he teaches world religions, Asian philosophy, world mythology, and ethics. Bolland is also a columnist for both Unity Magazine and the San Diego Troubadour. An award winning singer-songwriter and poet, Bolland draws on the world’s wisdom traditions as a frequent lecturer and performer throughout the San Diego region. Find him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and at peterbolland.com

Maureen Donohue

Editor At Large

Maureen has been a medical writer, editor, and journalist for 26 years. In fulfilling those roles, she has written for both physicians and consumers covering a wide a variety of medical topics. Ms. Donohue’s work has been published in several prestigious, peer-reviewed medical journals as well as on consumer-based websites, including U.S. News & World Report and Healthline.com. She has been a writer for the Stanford School of
Medicine, the International Medical News Group, the UC Davis Cancer Center, the Arizona Heart Institute, MedExperts International, and the Sutter Institute for Medical Research. She has also worked as a medical writer and communications coordinator for various medical device firms, including the medical products division of W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc., which manufactures of Gore-Tex.

In her prior incarnation, Ms Donohue was a science writer and editor at a national research laboratory, where she worked in the Earth Sciences Division and the Nuclear Test/Experimental Science Program.
Before that, Maureen was an intelligence analyst in the Soviet/Eastern European Division of the Deputy Directorate of Operations.
She has traveled extensively and once had an extreme addiction to whitewater
rafting and kayaking. Ms.Donohue has degrees in Spanish and Russian and speaks both fluently.

Brian Karem

Contributing Editor

Brian offers opinion editorials for InsideTheBeltway.com in-between his role as a CNN political analyst and a White House Pool Reporter for Playboy and The Montgomery Sentinel.

Brian Battery

Contributing Editor

Brian is a veteran radio producer for XM/Sirius and Cumulus Communications, and is an experienced audio and video editor. Plus, the dude rocks Oakland.

John Lannister

Contributing Editor

John was the inspiration for the Matthew Broderick character in “War Games.” John has devised computer games and strategies for leading US firms, and is the editor of InsideTheBeltway’s MRiQ.

Lee Lantis

Contributing Editor

Lee is a graduate of Dominican University of California. A former insurance executive, she is now working in non-profit healthcare administration. Ms. Lantis is also an activist, freelance writer and photographer.

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