Just Say No. Again.

September 1st, 2019

The opioid epidemic is a national tragedy. Drug manufacturers created the perfect pill, weaponized it and it exploded across rural America. And the human toll is devastating. Opioids have lots of names; Oxy, Goodfella, Captain Cody. But in reality, it’s this; white people crack. And as tragic as the pain and suffering might be, you’ll have to excuse African Americans if they’re a little slow to come around.
In the 80’s, when crack cocaine was ravaging America’s urban population, thats TV talk for “black people,” all we heard from Reagan was “just say no, three strikes, mandatory minimums, no parole.” What we didn’t see was black addicts on talk shows, crying about their habits, or politicians blaming the drug. Today, millions of white people are addicted to hillbilly heroin, and it’s exactly what happened in the 80’s with crack. Except for the part where black people are criminals and white people are victims.

And while today the government sends billions to repair these ravaged rural areas, urban America is still waiting. The ultimate irony? When black people are in excruciating pain and they actually need opioids, what do doctors say now? They just say no.

Chip Franklin

Franklin is a 25 year veteran of talk radio, beginning his career in Washington DC during Clinton’s first term. He currently hosts the afternoon show at KGO radio, San Francisco. … read more
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