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House to Send Article of Impeachment to the Senate on Monday



In a significant change from January of 2020, ten Republican congresspeople voted to impeach Donald Trump last week. And when the article hits the senate, it is expected that at least some GOP senators will vote to convict. Trump loyalists like Lindsey Graham have tried to argue against an impeachment trial, others like Ben Sasse have signaled a willingness to vote against Trump. While he asked for the process to be delayed, it is rumored that Mitch McConnell may vote to convict. The decision will come sooner rather than later as the articles will be coming to the Senate on Monday.

  • The Daily Beast notes that the process could delay stimulus talks
  • Donald Trump has hired attorney Butch Bowers to represent him and Politico thinks that is proof that he is taking the trial seriously
  • The New York Times says the trial may be delayed a week so that Biden’s cabinet members can be approved in a timely manner
  • Mike DeBonis from the Washington Post opines that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have rebuked McConnell by refusing the delay the trial
  • CNN reports that McConnell is privately telling GOP lawmakers that he would like to see Trump convicted
  • Fox News complains that the article was sent before an agreement was reached on special impeachment rules
  • Breitbart adds that Trump sycophants like Graham and Tom Cotton have argued that impeaching a past president is unconstitutional.
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