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“Gun Laws Don’t Work”




Gun laws don’t work because criminals ignore them.

Rape laws don’t work because rapists ignore them.

Murder laws don’t work because murderers ignore them.

Anti-fraud laws don’t work because con men ignore them.

Speed limits don’t work because speeders ignore them.

Laws protecting private property from theft don’t work because criminals ignore them.

The concept of law is meaningless.

Good people don’t need laws, and bad people ignore them.

Therefore, all laws should be abolished.

Peter Bolland is the philosophy and humanities department chair at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, California where he teaches world religions, Asian philosophy, world mythology, and ethics. Bolland is also a columnist for both Unity Magazine and the San Diego Troubadour. An award winning singer-songwriter and poet, Bolland draws on the world’s wisdom traditions as a frequent lecturer and performer throughout the San Diego region.

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