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Hey Billy! Maybe He Was Referring To You!

Chip Franklin



Good for you Billy, although anyone with your last name should be able to spot that a mile away.

Trump insults us with an insinuation that the voice on the now infamous “grab pussy” tape may not be his. But Billy Bush came to our rescue by reassuring the 1/2 of 1% of America that believes it may not be. I am really at an impasse. Is Trump that stupid, are we that stupid, or did I hit my head on a rock sometime last year and this is all a horrible dream?

Billy Bush? GTFOH. We didn’t really care about you before, but after we saw what a Beta-bottom male you are, a man of such little integrity that you would stoop to that low, we never want to see your GOP-lite ass again.

Is that too harsh?

Franklin is a 25 year veteran of talk radio, beginning his career in Washington DC during Clinton’s first term. He currently hosts the afternoon show at KGO radio, San Francisco. Chip is also an award-winning filmmaker, comedian, and scribe, garnering seven Edward R Murrow awards, including the National Murrow award for writing. He’s also won The New York Festival honors for his unconventional coverage of The Democratic and Republican conventions, as well as more than 30 AP awards for broadcasting. Chip has made numerous appearances on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and CNN.

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