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Still Impeached 2/2/20

Chip Franklin



• Week’s end, thoughts from Rush Limbaugh, the latest recipient of the presidential medal of honor; “Holocaust? Ninety million Indians? Only four million left? They all have casinos; what’s to complain about?”…”Feminism was established so unattractive ugly broads could have access to the mainstream.” …”Pay for her birth control? What does that make her? It makes her a slut, a prostitute?…”NAACP? Get a liquor store and practice robberies.”…”If any group should not have guilt about slavery, it’s the Caucasians.” “The NFL looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips. There, I said it.”
Yeah, he did.

• Trump’s Friday Night massacre, firing former EU Ambassador Sondland, (I hope he kept the receipt from his million dollar purchase) and Iraq veteran and purple heart recipient Lt Col. Vindman, illustrates how desperately Donnie Five Chins wishes he were legendary mob boss Vito Corleone. Trump’s low IQ approach to policy inevitably leads to mass exits by DC insiders, intellectuals, old school Republicans, and basically anyone with a thread of integrity. But the firings and subsequent tweets, the incoherent ramblings, all reveal the desperate acts of an unqualified, frightened little boy who bullies others because he can, but is also aware that a clock is ticking in Washington, New York and Virginia as prosecutors wait their turn. Trump may see himself as Vito Corleone, but the rest of us know him as Fredo.

• Trump’s legacy will be so strange and evil that impeachment will seem almost an afterthought. Yet as he triumphantly waves headlines screaming “Acquittal,” it is good to remember that Trump bears the shame of now belonging to a group of three who have been indicted by the House and the only President to ever have a member of his own party vote for removal. The political consequences remain to be seen, but Trump’s coarse attacks on Schiff and Pelosi reveal that the spoiled 12 year-old man/boy is as twisted and dangerous as ever. With a worldwide virus threatening both lives and international trade, an unstable North Korean dictator who has proven himself Trump’s mad equal, Putin’s plans for Ukraine, Brexit, and the growing worldwide recognition of climate change and it’s short and long term effects on weather, sea levels, and disease, the upcoming election has consequences even greater than a rash of judicial appointments.

• Rush Limbaugh’s Congressional Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, presented by Trump at the State Of The Union address, comes on the heels of the bombastic, racist, misogynistic radio host’s revelations that he’s suffering from advanced lung cancer. That announcement, much like Limbaugh’s previous loss of hearing from his abuse of opioids, has Democrats asking a lot of questions. Does Limbaugh’s illness, assuming that “advanced” lung cancer is stage 4, make him immune to mockery? This is a man who has made millions propagating racism with vile attacks against President Obama and his wife Michelle, even using the N-word, also attacking young women seeking federal assistance for gynecological concerns, calling them sluts, and who mocked LGBTQA Americans with vile slurs and insinuations. Rush Limbaugh’s immediate future is unknown, but it will be the breadth of his life, not death, from which judgment will rise. And it seems safe to say that judgement will resemble more the way he lived; harsh and with little mercy.

Franklin is a 25 year veteran of talk radio, beginning his career in Washington DC during Clinton’s first term. He currently hosts the afternoon show at KGO radio, San Francisco. Chip is also an award-winning filmmaker, comedian, and scribe, garnering seven Edward R Murrow awards, including the National Murrow award for writing. He’s also won The New York Festival honors for his unconventional coverage of The Democratic and Republican conventions, as well as more than 30 AP awards for broadcasting. Chip has made numerous appearances on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and CNN.

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