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Women? We Got This



Actor Michael Douglas is the latest from Hollywood to be accused of sexual harassment, but it’s not the woman who came out to tell everyone.  It was Douglas.

When he found out an article was being written accusing him sexual harassment, he decided to get out in front of the story.  He gave an interview to Deadline, where he denied ever masturbating in front of the woman and blackballing her.

And I respect his move to speak out. Because up until now, there has been little space for men to tell their side before being deemed guilty. Women need to stop speaking in platitudes and start re-educating men on what is acceptable and the repercussions for not following the rules.

That system is not there.

Does the touch of a knee or the brushing of a bare back REQUIRE immediate dismissal?  Is that behavior on the same level as being forced to watch a man masturbate or perform a sexual act? How does this get sorted out fairly?

And before my #metoo sisters have a conniption fit over the idea of giving men a voice in all this, let me remind you that it will be our male warriors who will help hold other men’s feet to the fire and force them to fall in line.

No one said this will be easy, especially since women have been told for generations to sit down, shut up and spread ’em.

But the hard part about fighting for equality and justice is YOU have to rise to a moral and ethical level that those who wronged you never reached. YOU have to rise above the din. YOU have to be the bigger person. YOU have treat people with the respect and fairness that was never yours.

But we are women.  We got this.


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