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Words Matter, Especially These, Especially Now




Words matter. Whether you’re a child or a just childish President.

Vice President Joe Biden scolded Trump today in a way I have done with my little kids. Just recently, my son didn’t want anyone reading his journal, so he wrote “I will kill you if you read this” on the inside cover. So yeah, I had to sit the little bugger down and talk about words that are appropriate to say and write and how something as strong as “I will kill you” can be taken by those reading it.

He understood. Trump does not.

Trump continues to be the petulant little child who whines and lies and spouts dangerous two syllable threats.

You may not think it matters. But like Vice President Biden said to Trump, words matter. We entrust the President – whoever is in that office – to protect this country and the American people.

But when you have a President popping off on Twitter about the size of his nuclear button, we have hit a new low in what we consider appropriate behavior for the Commander in Chief. Unfortunately, I do not think we have hit bottom yet. And when we do, I hope we aren’t also dealing with the nuclear fallout.

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