When “They” Lose, Do “You” Win?

December 13th, 2017

The Democratic party had a great Tuesday, or maybe the GOP had a horrific one. Is there a difference?

Politics is like those geometry tests where the two trains are heading for a crash. You just have to calculate when. In the case of Jones vs Alabama, GOP voters rejected Moore. And in doing so, Alabama allowed the trains to crash. But that doesn’t mean the Democrats won.

Well, yes, the Dems won another seat in the Senate, temporarily. And yes, it’s a bitch-slap to Trump. But as legendary House Speaker Tip O’Neill famously pined, “All politics is local.” So as bad a candidate as Moore is, and as reprehensible as Trump’s comments are, Democrats will still have to win state by state, district by district, neighborhood by neighborhood.

Why? Social media and ignorance still favors Trump’s methods and that means the GOP won’t abandon a working plan. 2018 could be great, but Democrats have a lot of work still ahead.

Trump is insane, but so it seems, is the system he has ushered in.



Chip Franklin

Franklin is a 25 year veteran of talk radio, beginning his career in Washington DC during Clinton’s first term. He currently hosts the afternoon show at KGO radio, San Francisco. … read more
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