Taking On Trump

A small fundraiser for GOP Rep. Liz Cheney hosted by Republicans in McClean Va., had to hustle for bigger digs when the number of requests to attend grew dramatically. So many people requested and RSVP’d that the event was moved to a larger venue.

In the weeks since the Republican National Committee voted to censure Cheney for participating in the ongoing Jan 6th House select committee investigation of the attack on the US Capitol, the couple hosting the fundraiser was flooded with requests to meet the congresswoman and the event’s other special guest, Utah GOP Sen. Mitt Romney, the only US Senator to vote for trump’s impeachment.

More than two full years before the 2024 election, Cheney is emerging as the anti-Trump solution and plenty of Republicans are glad to see it.

“We are moving beyond Donald Trump,” the fundraising sponsors told CNN. “Enough, already. Enough’s enough.”

INSIDE RIGHT: Trump has endorsed a challenger for Cheney’s seat and publicly calls for her defeat in the fall mid-terms.

INSIDE LEFT: The mid term elections might reveal Republicans like Cheney who can not stomach another election and possible riots at both the US Capitol and other state capitols across America.

Written by Chip Franklin

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