The Big Lie Still Threatens Us All

Fox Big Lie
As the Republicans lie about the 2020 election, millions of supporters still believe. And that is threatening our nations security.

Matt Gaetz was doing an interview recently, and continued the "stolen election" narrative. Not because he believed it was true, but because 50 million Republicans couldn't handle the loss, and chose to embrace the unfounded claims from Trump, Rudy, and others. When Gaetz was pushed as to the veracity, and the lunacy of such a conspiracy, he called out party officials for not investigating the claims further. But each state in question investigated each count thoroughly and with complete transparency. 

And the Supreme Court, of which Trump appointed three conservative members, ruled against any and all claims of voter fraud.

But former Attorney general Bill Barr, who lacked the courage to stand up to Trump until the very end, called Trump's claims "Bull****" and ever so subtly questioned Trump's state of mind. 

The real reason for concern is the question; would Putin have invaded Ukraine if the US political system were not pulled apart by Trump's lies and the Republicans cowardice to stand up to Trump and his minions? We may never know.

Written by Chip Franklin

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