Thomas Attacks Politics On the Court; Irony Is Alive and Well

INSIDE: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas told an interviewer last week that said he’s concerned about Democrat efforts to politicize the court or add additional justices. He says it would erode the court’s credibility.

Thomas, who is the most senior justice on the nine-member court, said he often worries about the long-term repercussions of trends such as “cancel culture” and a lack of civil debate.

When discussing credibility however, Thomas did not however speak of his wife Ginni, who is a long time right-wing political hack who attacks Democrats in Congress, opposes vaccine mandates and still continues to lie about the 2020 election results on Facebook and other social media, claiming that Trump was robbed by Democrats in a widespread conspiracy.

INSIDE LEFT: Thomas is one of least active members on the court, rarely engaging in questions with cases before SCOTUS, and has repeatedly allowed his opinions outside the court to cast doubt on his ability to make sound and fair judgements.

INSIDE RIGHT: Packing the court, that is having more justices to discuss and interpret the constitution against the world as it is 250 years later, is a sensible and prudent way to insure justice.

Written by Chip Franklin

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