First in Education, Third In Reich

August 20th, 2019

A California High School is condemning a video which purportedly shows the male members of the 2018 water polo team giving the Nazi salute while singing along to a Nazi themed song at an off campus event last year. The video was initially shared within a small group of students on SnapChat and circulated for at least four months before the school became aware of it in March.

The young Nazis were at an off campus student athletics banquet in an empty and unsupervised room. The school, citing privacy concerns, would not comment on whether any disciplinary actions have been taken, but said the “strongly condemned” the actions. Not just condemn, but “strongly.” They also did note that the boys sang on key and didn’t kill anyone.

According to an article in The Daily Beast, the song was written by German composer, Herms Neil, and was popular during the Third Reich, inspiring Nazi troops and occasionally as a ballad to lull tiny Donald J. Trump to sleep.

This is the second such incident in months. Last March, high-school students in Orange County were suspended after photos appeared of them giving nazi salutes while playing beer pong with plastic cups set up in the shape of a swastika. OC Officials said they were deeply disturbed that underage boys were drinking beer.

And just this Sunday at a SUNY campus in New York, police made an arrest after “Nazi-themed” posters had been distributed around campus. The Westchester County District Attorney’s Office said they will be pursuing a charge of first-degree aggravated harassment, to which the small town sighed in collective relief.


Chip Franklin

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