Guns Over America

September 1st, 2019

Against the backdrop of a Category 5 hurricane barreling toward Florida, 36 Americans were shot in two mass shootings in Florida and Alabama. The shootings in Odessa, Texas, the second such shooting in West Texas in the last two weeks, left seven dead after a white male in his 30’s opened fire after a traffic stop. Police shot and killed the man, but not until seven people were killed, and others remain in critical condition.

In Mobile, Alabama, ten people were shot a high school football game, with at least five in critical condition. 17 yr. old Deangelo Parnell turned himself in Saturday, and has been charged with nine counts of attempted murder.

The motive in both shootings is undetermined.

There have been 20 deadly mass shootings in the US this year. Canadian officials reported earlier this week that they have had 15 mass shootings since 1855.


Chip Franklin

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