Reality Distancing

March 11th, 2020

Bernie Sander’s arrogance is getting old.

After getting creamed for the second straight primary Tuesday, he announced that despite poor performances in primary states, he will continue to press Biden on issues. He announced that in the next debate he will push Biden to share his plan on Universal Health care, free tuition for students, and ending climate change. Fair enough. But Bernie, the Democrats are not in the majority. The White House, Senate, and Supreme Court are all dominated by Republicans and conservatives. The answer isn’t a bullhorn, but a thing called politics.

I don’t know Biden’s plan, but whatever it is, he will need to convince a post-Trump GOP that it’s good for their people as well. You don’t do that by subjugating them, you do it with finesse. We’ve already seen the results of pure populism. Our number one goal is stopping it’s dangerous ascent.

Bernie, Joe’s not the enemy. The world is on fire. Stop shouting at the firefighters.

Chip Franklin

Franklin is a 25 year veteran of talk radio, beginning his career in Washington DC during Clinton’s first term. He currently hosts the afternoon show at KGO radio, San Francisco. … read more
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