Will The Real GOP Please Stand Up?

December 5th, 2017

Note: I’m burying the lead, but follow me.

With all of the talk of obstruction and the legal maneuvering it will take to end this Faustian nightmare, one thing to remember is Roy Moore. Just two weeks ago, McConnell and Co denounced Moore as a predator. They actually said “predator.” They discussed how they would remove him if elected. Oops.

Now the GOP has shown their truly dark colors. Trump, McConnell and the GOP are enthusiastically defending Roy Moore, despite over a dozen women with verifiable claims that he “romantically” pursued, and in some cases assaulted them when they were under 18. Why? Because Trump has lowered the bar unimaginably low, and it’s worked. The GOP now controls all three branches of government, and stands to fill the federal judiciary with strong, social conservatives. But at what price?

They conservatives I knew were good people, with whom I often sparred politically and ideologically. And it was often heated. But we always agreed to protect those who were vulnerable, at all costs. That’s what Americans do. Well, used to.

And that brings me to Karen Pence, the wife of the vice-president, Mike Pence. There’s a report out today that she finds Trump vile and reprehensible.” Which of course is the undeniable truth. I hope she stands by this because she’s saying what the country is desperate to hear; and that is despite our great differences, we still stand for some things.


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